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Productivity - up to 200 lbs per hour

Electric Grater Machine - Pasteles Maker - BETM-1A 110V

SKU: 21554345656

    Domestic electric vegetable grater is a dream of every cook. Migiris potato grater will let you enjoy your beloved dishes such as “potato pancakes”, "kugelis“, "potato sausage” , “pastele” , “tamales” and other dishes more often since machine is so easy to set up, use and clean

    The grater is very productive, with the help of it you can grate over 80 kg or 175 lb vegetables per hour. Potato grater works very quietly, makes a little vibration, uses a little of electric power, it is super easy to clean !

    We have been selling this machine since 2005 and sold over 25,000 machines up to date.

    Also we have used Migiris machine commercially at our restaurants.

    Our chefs at Grand Dukes, Downers Grove, IL are super happy with the grader and have enjoyed them for the last 14 years. We grate over 2 tons of potatoes weekly and Migiris machine makes is so much easier.

    Machine is commercially used as well and passed the quality test by our chefs.

    More information where machines are made you will find at

    Please call us if you want to sell our machines in your store.

    We are largest distributor and importer in the United States!

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